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Obstetrics and Gynaecology:

Q: My 14 years old daughter is having irregular periods. What could be the reason?
A: Many a times irregular periods in adolescent girls are due to ovarian immaturity and one should consult a gynaecologist for further advice.

Q: Is scanty period the cause of my increase in weight.
A: This is a myth. Scanty periods do not mean that blood is getting collected inside your body causing obesity. It may be because of some disease. Get yourself checked.

Q: I am 50 years old but still menstruating? What is the menopausal age?
A: There is no fixed menopausal age as such. This is a time period which varies from 40 to 55 years. However, excessive bleeding after 40 years should be investigated.

Q: When should I see the doctor after conception?
A: As soon as you miss the period you should see your doctor for advice regarding precautions, medicines and investigations etc.

Q: How regularly should I come for check-up during pregnancy (Antenatal Check-up)?
A: Upto 7 months, monthly checkup is advised, after that biweekly and weekly checkups are needed. However, you can visit the doctor for any other problems.

Q: My blood group is Negative whereas my husband’s group is Positive. What special precautions should I take when I plan to conceive?
A: There is nothing to worry because of the difference in the blood groups. You should be in constant care of the obstetrician for special investigation to be performed from time to time. Anti-D injection is given after birth of the baby (after testing blood group of the baby).

Q: What is the possibility of my getting pregnancy after MTP?
A: One can conceive soon after getting MTP, so take precautions since the beginning.

Q: What is the possibility of my pregnancy after delivery?
A: While breast feeding the baby, nature provides some protection for further conception but this cannot be fully relied upon, so precautions should start soon after resuming sexual activity.

Q: I feel heaviness in the lower abdomen, what should I do?
A: This could be because of pelvic infection or any other pelvic pathology including tumor etc. So, consult your doctor.

Q: I want to adopt Copper T as contraception but I am afraid of its complications. Please advise.
A: This mode of contraception is most user friendly as this is reversible, If it does not suit you this can be removed. Otherwise, you can be carefree for 3-5 years.

Q: I want Tubal Ligation but I am scared. Please advise.
A: This is a small one stitch operation done painlessly under anesthesia but it is irreversible.


Q: What is NSV? What is exactly done in Vasectomy?
A: It is done through a very small 3 mm incision on the scrotum under Local Anaesthesia. Vas is identified, cut & ligated. It takes about 20 minutes for the procedure and is completely painless.

Q: How I will feel like after Vasectomy? Will my sexual life be same after this simple operation?
A: One can walk down after surgery. Your sexual life will be as normal as it was before the procedure. You need to exercise contraception for 3 months after the procedure. Two semen specimens should be free from Sperms before your operation can be labeled as successful.

Q: I have been diagnosed as having Inguinal Hernia. What is this problem? Is Surgery the only choice?
A: Inguinal Hernia has to be treated by Surgery only. It should be done at the earliest after you do not have any precipitating factors like cough, constipation or urinary obstruction.

Q: I have a son who is born with absent testis on one side? What is the right choice?
A: First of all the condition has to be diagnosed correctly. Many a times a Retractile Testis is confused with an absent one. In retractile testis the organ goes up in fear or in cold climate. One can try hormone treatment till one year in undescended testis. If still it fails, Surgery is the only option available and it has to be done within year of age. If done later it will not serve any function as sperm formation capacity is completely damaged. Moreover you have more chances of Inguinal Hernia or testicular cancer if this condition is untreated.

Q: I am unable to retract the foreskin of my child. He has been diagnosed of having Phimosis. What is the right treatment option?
A: Till 2 years of age in many children, you can't retract the foreskin and it is completely physiological. You need circumcision after 2 years especially if there is associated recurrent urinary tract infection.

Q: I have been diagnosed with urinary tract stone problem. Is Surgery the only treatment option available?
A: Stones in the initial stages can be treated without surgery also. You need operation only if the stones are causing damage to your kidneys or if there are repeated attacks of pain.

Q: What is the recommended diet after urinary stone treatment?
A: Most of the urinary stones are calcium oxalate stones. You should completely avoid milk and milk products, spinach and tomatoes.

Q: I have been getting recurrent attacks of pain in the right lower abdomen. Some doctors have diagnosed it as Appendicitis. What is the right line of treatment?
A: Making diagnosis in Appendicitis is the most important step. The surgeon should see the patient during the attack if correct diagnosis has to be arrived at.

Q: My mother who is 60 years old has symptomatic Gall Bladder stones. Is surgery the only option? Should I go for Laparoscopic or conventional open operation?
A: If the Gall Bladder stones are symptomatic, surgery is the only right option. Removing gall bladder will prevent cancer in this organ at a later date. Moreover left over stones may slip to your biliary passage and cause Jaundice and liver damage. Both conventional and Laparoscopic options for removals of Gall Bladder have their indications. You should discuss all the pros and cones of the procedure with your doctor and then take the right action.

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